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What are the factors that affect the price of the processing center?

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No matter it is domestic processing center, Taiwan processing center or importing processing center, even with the same brand, with the same model of the processing center, the price is different. Now let Dalian Mach tell you what are the factors that affect the price of the processing center.


The main accessories that determine the price difference between the processing center are CNC system, spindle unit, magazine and rail hard track.

First, the CNC system is equivalent to the brain of a processing center, all the actions, programs rely on it to complete. The mainstream system on the market is such as FANUC from Japan, Mitsubishi from Japan, and Siemens from Germany. Different numerical control system has a large difference in price. Compared with the domestic system, Taiwan system is more expensive than domestic system 1 ~ 2 million Mitsubishi systems is more expensive than domestic system 4 ~ 5 million, Fanuc system will be higher than 4~8 million, of which the system version of the price will vary greatly.

In the choice of CNC system, to integrate the workpiece situation, the use of environment, processing technology, procurement budget and other factors. In case the processing requirements are not high, the budget is limited; we can choose domestic CNC system or Taiwan system.

Secondly, the spindle is the most central part of the machine, because it is directly through the tool and the workpiece contact, so it plays a vital role in accuracy of final workpiece processing.

The price of the spindle is also closely related to the transmission mode, speed, cooling system and so on. Generally, the spindle is equipped with oil cooling or water cooling system. The most common way of spindle are transmission belt drive and direct drive, the direct drive is suitable for high-speed light cutting, The general choice for high-speed spindle is direct type.

Thirdly, the knife library is also the main factor affecting the processing center price

Tool changing time plays an important role for the efficiency of a machine.  The economical vertical machining center is mostly equipped with a bamboo hat type knife library, and the standard vertical machining center is equipped with a disc type tool magazine.

Fourthly, the difference between rail and hard track

Line machine speed higher, accuracy better, mainly for light cutting, For products, relatively speaking, there is no longer long life compared with hard track machine. The speed of hard track machine is slower, but better rigidity, crash, mainly for heavy cutting, mold aspects. Now, a lot of people will choose two lines a hard when buying vertical processing center, so that both can improve the speed and increase the cutting strength, more cost-effective.

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