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Types and functions of lathes

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1 . General lathe

It has wide processing range, large adjustment speed of spindle and feed, and could process the inner & outer surface, end face and inside & outside thread of the workpiece. The lathe is mainly operated by workers and has low production efficiency. It is suitable for single and small batch production and repair workshop.


2. Turret lathe and rotary lathe

A turret or a turret of a tool can hold more than one tool , and it could be used by different workers in order to complete a variety of processes in a single clamping of the workpiece, which is suitable for batch production.


3. Automatic lathe

It can automatically complete the multi process machining of the small and medium-sized workpiece according to a certain procedure. It can automatically load and drop material, repeat processing a batch of the same workpiece, and it is suitable for large quantities and mass production.


4. Multi knife semi-automatic lathe

There are single axis, multi axis, horizontal and vertical points. The single axle horizontal layout is similar to the ordinary lathe, but the two groups of tool frames are respectively mounted on the front or back of the main shaft or the upper and lower parts. The utility model can be used for processing plates, rings and shafts, and the production efficiency is raised 3~5 times as compared with the ordinary lathe.


5. Copying lathe

The utility model can automatically complete the processing cycle of the workpiece according to the shape or the size of the sample or the sample, and  it is suitable for the small batch production and the mass production of the workpieces with complex shapes, and the productivity is 10~15 times higher than that the ordinary lathe. There are many types of turret, multi spindle, chuck, vertical and other types.


6. Vertical lathe

The spindle is perpendicular to the horizontal surface, the workpiece is clamped on the horizontal rotary table, and the tool carrier is moved on the horizontal beam or upright post. The utility model is suitable for processing workpieces larger, heavier and difficult to mount on an ordinary lathe. The utility model is generally divided into two categories, single column and double column.


7. Relieving lathe

The tool post is periodically reciprocating at the same time of shaping,it is usually used for the tooth surface of the forklift, milling cutter, hob and so on. Usually with a relief attachment, a small grinding wheel, driven by a separate motor, is used to grind the tooth surface.


8.Special lathe

A lathe used to process a particular surface of a workpiece, such as a crankshaft lathe, a camshaft lathe, a wheel lathe, an axle lathe, a roller lathe, and a steel ingot lathe.


9 .Combined lathe

For turning, adding some special parts and accessories, can also used for boring, milling, drilling, grinding. It has the characteristic of "machine", is suitable for engineering vehicles, ships or mobile repair station repair work.

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