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Thread Machining Method for Horizontal Machining Center and Vertical Machining Center

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The processing quality and processing efficiency of the thread directly affect the machining accuracy of horizontal machining center and  vertical machining center. Thread processing is one of the applications of the quality of the processing center. The following methods can make the machining center with higher accuracy, more stable performance in the thread processing.

In long time ago, the soft tapping method are used in the processing of tap, its structure is more complex. In recent years, horizontal machining centers and vertical machining centers were born; the performance of processing center is gradually increased, the tap processing method also changed from the soft to rigid. The rigid processing is the main processing methods. In the processing of a work piece, we should determine the bottom of the thread firstly; the bottom of the thread has a great impact in the processing center of the work piece processing. In the choice of machining center of the work piece, we should select different tap in accordance with the different work piece in advance. The requirements of different tools for different parts is not the same, the performance is also not the same. Secondly we should pay attention to the difference between the through hole tap and the blind hole tap.

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In the processing of the workpiece, the spindle starts to work; it will certainly delay the time, so that the shaft will reach a predetermined speed. In the retracting process, the hand grinding tool will take the spindle orientation, so that the tool will show radial movement. As the hand grinding tool is not generally very symmetrical, so you better be careful. Arbor production has to be accurate, otherwise it will cause chaos buckle phenomenon.

There are many ways of threading for horizontal machining centers and vertical machining centers, such as tap processing, milling, etc. In order to choose processing tools correctly, we have to use the correct method, thus we could improve the processing center processing efficiency.

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