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The use and maintenance of Drilling&milling machine

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1. You shouldt read the manual in order to be familiar with the structure and the function of the handle, transmission and lubrication function before the use of the machine. Clean the rust proof oil of the drill chuck, the spindle connecting rod and the inner hole of the spindle. Firstly please connect the rod and shaft, insert into the spindle hole, and then tighten the nut on the spindle pulley, and then loaded on the drill chuck, tap the brass stick a few times with copper, adjust the size of the clamping hole of the drill chuck with the drill key according to the size of the handle part of the cutter, thus it could work after the tool drill key locked and loaded on.

2. You should check whether the clamping position is tightened before starting the machine, also check whether the lifting movement of the spindle sleeve and the electrical equipment are normal. Please make sure the grounding wire must be grounded. (The wire with yellow& green color is grounding wire)

3. In the adjustment of the spindle box relative to the table position, please loosen the clamping handle firstly, and then turn the crank to move the spindle box to the desired position, then clamping handle.

4. You should release the handle after the completion of the drill, the sleeve will reset automatically, then loosen the screws located at the bottom of the box, rotate the spring box in different positions, thus can adjust the size of the reset elasticity. Please select the milling chuck as far as possible, and then clamp the spindle sleeve. Especially milling the nonferrous metal, you should protect the sleeve slot and the spindle box to prevent debris into the sleeve spindle burn. In order to get the best results, please try to choose three vertical milling cutters. In case choosing the two cutter head, you should l fall down the machine nose to lowest position. During drilling or milling, the operator should take the necessary protective measures, in order to avoid iron splash hurting people.

5. In case the machine tool make abnormal sound or failed to work, please stop the power supply immediately and then check the reason.

6. In case the machine tools failed to supply power in the work, please cut off the power switch immediately, so as not to work again automatically thus cause bad consequences.

7. Please remove he iron and dirt of the machine after the work is completed then paint rust proof oil in the surface of the machine in case of rust.

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