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How to select and purchase CNC Vertical Machining Center

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How to select and purchase CNC Vertical Machining Center


Let us discuss briefly the items to be considered when you purchase CNC Vertical Machining Center


CNC Vertical machining center is composed of ordinary milling machine and CNC control system. let us analyze the matters to be noted from all aspects of the machine


1. Rigidity and stability of Machine Table

In order to make the CNC vertical machining center has enough stability, rigid to avoid vibration Many manufacturers are using marble as the material of working bed, If use steel as the material of bed, because the steel have more deformation than marble at different temperatures

Vertical Machining Center.jpg

2. Speed and stability of spindle

At present, there are two kinds of shafts.

One adopt rolling bearing and speed can reach to 80,000 rpm,

Another adopt air bearing and speed can reach to 120,000 rpm.

If It is the milling machine, It should be used for rolling bearings, because its longitudinal bearing is better than the air bearing.

Besides, The drill chuck is also the focus of the procurement when you purchase machine. some drill chuck is not easy to be replaced and difficult in maintenance.some drill chuck are worn quickly and replacement costs are expensive.


3. Table movement accuracy and displacement Repeatability

This is the most important point when select machine, but It can be certified  only after purchasing machine. As usual, The equipment in the factory can be achieved to the design standards, The key is that if the accuracy is still stable after running one to two years later


4. Feed rate of X, Y, Z axis

Feed rate is currently the use of screw stepper motor, the speed of 25 meters per minute, and the new product has been used servo motor, high feed rate can increase production capacity by 20% -40%


5. Optical ruler system

At present, The measurement system of most CNC vertical machining center use a optical ruler as feedback system of a position and accuracy measurement. but also the use of magnetic ruler, the use of optical ruler system is high in stability and resolution, because the ruler of the head and the ruler have no contacting Friction, so It is long life, but should keep the equipment clean to minimize dust pollution.




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