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How to choose a vertical machining center?

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Firstly, we have to determine the processing object before purchasing the objects. When select the vertical machining center specifications, we should consider the size of the machined workpiece, the table size of the required machine tool and the travel of the three linear coordinate systems accordingly. Now we will explain it in details.

The operation of 850 Vertical machining center in details.

1. We should determine the processing object before purchasing the objects. Generally, parts with the following characteristics are suitable for machining in machining centers: Multi-process intensive workpieces refer to the need for a large number of tools to be machined on a workpiece. Locating the cumbersome workpiece, for example, we have a certain hole pitch with accuracy requirements of the porous processing, thus we could use high precision machine positioning characteristics, it is easy to implement. Repeated production of the workpiece is suitable for processing a small batch production. Small batch refers to the quantity from 1to100 pieces, the quantity is small, while need to repeat the production.

In addition, even if the sizes of workpiece shape are different, they are still similar and easy to achieve group processing technology parts. The parts of the mold, aerospace parts and workpiece with complex shape can process various special parts with automatic programming technology in the processing center. Box and plate parts can use rotary table in the horizontal machining center to process the box parts with multi-face, such as the spindle box, the pump body, the valve body, internal combustion engine block. If even processing the top of a fixture, you can use pentahedron processing center.

Suitable for processing box cover cylinder head, flat cam and so on. Longmen processing center is used for processing large boxes, plate parts, such as diesel locomotive cylinder, processing center column, bed, printing wall machine and so on.

2. We should select vertical machining center specifications according to the size of the workpiece, and then determine the table size of the required machine tool and the travel of the three linear coordinate systems accordingly. The size of the table should ensure that the workpiece can be successfully mounted on the workpiece; the processing size must coordinate with travel, in addition to consider the tool space and the coordinates of the interference area restrictions.

3. The precision of the machine is classified as ordinary type and precision type. The main precision items are as follows: Vertical machining center Main precision Project accuracy Item Normal type (mm) Precision type (mm) Linear positioning accuracy ± 0.01 / Full ± 0.005 / full repeat positioning accuracy ± 0.006 ± 0.002.

Φ160mm series lathe can work with all kinds of parts of the end, conical, cylindrical, bore and metric thread, inch thread, modulus thread, diameter thread and so on. In addition, you can also undertake drilling, reaming, nesting, boring, broaching and other processes. You can use carbide cutting tools for thread cutting and processing of various ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The biggest feature of the lathe is the spindle hole φ160mm, this kind of lathe not only has a variety of turning functions which other general lathe has, but also expand the scope of the general lathe process, insert the spindle hole with maximum processing rod or nesting up to φ155mm. The dimensions of the parts on the machine can reach IT7 with a surface roughness of 3.2μm.

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