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Do you know how can we could better maintain the machine tool spindle?

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The machine spindle refers to the axis on which the workpiece or tool is rotated. Usually the spindle is composed of spindle, bearings and transmission parts (gear or pulley) and so on. In the machine it is mainly used to support transmission parts such as gears, pulley, transmission movement and torque, such as CNC machine tool spindle. Some others are used to clamp the workpiece, such as mandrel. The motion accuracy and structural rigidity of the spindle components are important factors in determining the processing quality and cutting efficiency.

The indicators that measure the performance of the spindle components are mainly rotary accuracy, stiffness and speed adaptability:

Rotation accuracy: Radial and axial runout (see position tolerance) in the direction that affects machining accuracy when the spindle rotates, depending on the manufacturing and assembly quality of the spindle and bearings.

Dynamic and static stiffness: mainly determined by the bending stiffness of the spindle, bearing stiffness and damping.

Speed adaptability: the maximum allowable speed and speed range, mainly determined by the bearing structure and lubrication, and cooling conditions.

Reduce the operating temperature of the bearing, the usual way is to use lubricants. Lubrication methods include oil & gas lubrication, oil circulation lubrication.

Following are some tips we should pay attention in the use of these two lubrication methods.

1, In the use of oil circulation lubrication, pls make sure that the spindle thermostat fuel tank is enough.

2, Oil & gas lubrication is just the opposite of oil circulation, it is only filled with the bearing capacity of the space

The advantage of cyclic lubrication is that it could reduce frictional heat generation and to absorb a portion of the heat of the spindle assembly in the case of meeting lubrication requirements. There are also two ways for  lubrication of the spindlet: oil mist lubrication and injection lubrication.

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