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Analysis of CNC machine tool machining error and its causes

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CNC machine tools

1. CNC machine tool error caused by the machining error itself: there are control system error and machine feed transmission system error.

2. CNC machine tool error caused by processing error: processing technology is not reasonable, the cutting point of the cutting tool selection is improper

3. CNC machine tool error caused by workpiece positioning error.

4, CNC machine tool error caused by the unreasonable programming error.

High-precision CNC machine tools

1. The outer circle made by high precision CNC lathe is cone:

The reason why the front and back line is not connected with the spindle axis is that the CNC lathe tailstock is not the center of the location.

2. The workpiece vibration: Maybe this is because the tailstock sleeve too long or the workpiece supporting too loose, or turning sharp enough or the arc is too large, or the gap of rotary center bearing clearance too large or too small, skateboards is too big and so on.


3. Runout is not up to the requirements: circular run out caused by top tip is  different from axis rotating center shaft or bearing wore out, workpiece center hole is not clean or the center hole has no effect.

4. High precision CNC lathe center hole serious wear or bite hair: may be the use of fixed top without lubrication or the spindle speed is too fast, or heart-shaped turning workpiece clamping not tight enough.

The error sources generated by the use of CNC machining parts is very complex, only a reasonable grasp of the principle about CNC machine tools, and enlarge the knowledge of intensive operation personnel, can solve the problem of machining error perfectly, and also improve the machining precision, so as to produce qualified products.

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