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Analysis about the drilling process of mechanical rocker drill

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The mechanical rocker drill is one type of rocker arm drill, and it is the main difference between the hydraulic rocker arm and the rocker arm drilling equipment. Mechanical rocker drilling is famous for easy operation and diversity use in the drilling. In order to solve the practical problems in the practical application of radial drilling machine, operators need to understand the specific steps of drilling operations. To this end, our company carried out a special study on this issue. And now we summarized the mechanical drilling machine drilling operation of the drilling process as follows.

1. We should plan and measure the workpiece drawing before mechanical drill rocker drilling operation, and then make the drilling line. In order to avoid the drill bit offset phenomenon in drilling process, , drilling operation needs a little margin.

2. In the work of the drilling operation, we should do a good job in the rotation speed and feed quantity of the relevant adjustment, the corresponding adjustment work in place, such as cutting fluid.

3. Mechanical radial drilling machine cutting angle values need to be adjusted according to the technical requirements of the processing materials.

4. To start drilling operations, we need todrill bit of the top position of the drill hole in the center of the position, the tool needs to be observed from the two vertical directions.

5. During the drilling operations, we need to pay more attention to the accuracy of drilling, the drilling should be corrected timely.

6. During the drilling operations, when the workpiece drilling is about to drill through, the operator needs to change the automatic mode to manual mode.

7. In case the drilling hole is not in place, it can be adjusted in accordance with the automatic mode iron before drilling.

8. During drilling deep hole, when the depth of the hole reach more than 3-4 times the diameter, the drill must to be exited without the chip.

9. Please keep in mind the number of drilling hole must match diameter. Take 35MM as the dividing line, when the diameter of the drill hole is less than 35MM, it can be drilled as a hole one time, when the hole diameter is greater than 35MM, it can be drilled two times.

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