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Analysis about the characteristics of universal lifting platform milling machine

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Universal milling machine is a kind of common metal cutting machine, mainly suitable for machining various parts of the plane, inclined plane, groove.It is the ideal processing equipment, machinery, instruments and other abrasive processing industry and has the following characteristics:

1. Universal lifting platform milling machine can carry out progressive milling and reverse milling.

2. Universal lifting platform milling machine has enough power and a wide range of speed change, it could give full play to the effectiveness of the tool, and also could use carbide cutting tools for high-speed cutting.

3. Universal lifting platform milling machine itself has enough rigidity, so that can withstand heavy load cutting work.

   4.Them important driving parts of universal milling machine are made of alloy steel, the parts which easy to wear are made of wear-resistant materials, machine tool - chip device, which guarantees the machine has enough long service life.

        5. The parts that are easy to wear can be adjusted with clearance, so as to ensure the accuracy and smooth operation of the machine.

        6. The front and left of universal milling machine each has a button with same function and the operating handle (i.e. dual controls) so that the workers can choose the most convenient place to work.

7. Spindle start stop and fast travel are all have obvious button. The table feed operated by the handle, the feed direction and the operating handle refers to the same direction, the spindle speed and feed rate of the transmission wheel to select.

8. Spindle speed change and feed speed change mechanism is equipped with impulse device, easy to change speed.

9.Universal milling machine has good safety device, manual feed and feed motor have interlocking mechanism, in the large amount of feed or due to failure of overload friction electromagnetic clutch can automatically slip, the lifting platform milling machine parts will not be damaged, but also ensure the safety of operation.

10.Universal lifting platform milling machine can quickly and effectively brake, and after processing or other reasons need to stop the machine tool, just press the "stop" button, lifting platform milling machine all movement immediately stop.

11. Each important drive shaft and spindle are installed on the rolling bearing to improve the transmission efficiency. The rolling bearings on the main shaft can be adjusted to ensure the accuracy of the spindle.

12.The worktable can move rapidly in three directions (vertical, horizontal and vertical), reduce the auxiliary time and increase productivity.

13. The movement of the worktable in both horizontal and vertical directions is centrally controlled by a handle. The operator can control the feeding motion of the two directions of the worktable with the handle.

14. Universal lifting table milling machine has a sound lubrication system, important transmission parts and bearings, automatic lubrication by motor-driven oil pumps, and at the same time with indicators for regular inspection. Parts that need to be manually lubricated and their refueling points are located in the obvious.

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