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SGA Series Precision Flat Type Saddle Moving Surface Grinding Machine

Saddle Moving Surface Grinding Machine
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  • SGA Series
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SGA Series Precision Flat Type Saddle Moving Surface Grinding Machine


Table size(W x L) mm 250x500
Max longitudinal travel mm 560
Max cross travel mm 275
Max distance from spindle center to table mm 450
Electro magnetic chuck size mm 250x500
Speed of table longitudinal movement m/min 7~23
Table transverse movement Auto feed mm/min 0.1-8
Rapid speed mm/min 990
Feed of handwheel Mm/div 0.02
Wheelhead vertical movement Auto feed mm --(H/AH/AHR model)
0.005/0.01/0.02/0.03/0.04/0.05(AHD model)
Rapid speed Mm/min --(H/AH model) / 460(for AHR model)
Feed of handwheel Mm/div 0.005
Grinding wheel Speed rpm 2850(50Hz) 3450(60Hz)
Size mm 200x20x31.75
Spindle motor kw 2.2
Hydraulic motor kw 0.75
Cooling pump motor kw 0.04
Elevating motor kw --(AH mode) 0.25(AHR mode) 
0.5(AHD mode, servo motor)
Cross feed motor kw 0.04
Max loading capacity of table Kg 180


Wheel flange
Balancing arbor
Wheel extractor
Coolant tank
Working lamp
Tool box and tools
Wheel dresser stand (with diamond pen)
Standard grinding wheel
Leveling wedge and bolt
Standard eletro magnetic chuck
Build in electro magnetic chuck controller
PLC auto grinding controller (only for ahd models)


Coolant tank with dust collector (used for collecting the chips, suitable for the dry grinding)
Balancing stand (recommend to buy, used for balancing new grinding wheel)
Wheel flange (recommend to buy, the extra one can improve the efficiency)
Coolant tank with magnetic separator (recommend to buy, used for remove the chips from the coolant)
Coolant with magnetic separator and paper filter (used for removing the iron chips completely)
Parallel wheel dresser (recommend to buy, it is convenient for operator to dress the wheel)


Quality is our forte and we have clients spreading all over the world. We are committed to a well-defined and self-framed quality policy. The policy revolves around through and repeated checking of the surface grinding machine. We are the regular exporters of our products throughout Asia, Africa and several European countries. Our after-sales service terms and conditions as follows:

  • The surface grinding machines are tested and have trial production in our factory before leaving our factory and they are shipped out only after the customers are satisfied with them.
  • When the surface grinding machines are tested, our technicians will train the customers’ technicians in theory and practice till they grasp the skills.
  • During this period of one year warranty , if the surface grinding machines were damaged by non-artificial reasons, we are responsible for repairing or changing parts.
  • During this period of warranty, if there is something wrong with the surface grinding machine, we are responsible to provide project for solving this problem at the soonest, and help customers to restore production as soon as possible.
  • After the warranty, we charge only cost price for maintaining the surface grinding machines within three years.
  • Other after-sale terms can be agreed by buyer and seller in addition.

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