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Three practical experience of CNC machine tools

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In view of processing operation, CNC machine tools can be divided into three modules: programming, tool setting and automatic processing. Among them, the programming and tool is the preparatory work of processing operations, in  case the programming is correct, the choice of cutting parameters is reasonable, the input parameters of the tool is accurate, they will all be shown in the actual processing. Therefore, in order to ensure the accuracy of CNC machine tool operation, we usually need de testing, in order to test the numerical control machine tool automatic processing problems. In the process of testing, strictly follow the "threelook, two must, one stop" processing guidelines, which could greatly reduce the collision in the operation of machine tools.

1.Three look

The first look means look program. The operation of the NC machine is controlled by the program instruction, by checking the program statement and the program name, we could find out the existing problems and correct them in time. In the inspection process, in order to avoid repeated inspection or leakage inspection, they shall be checked in order. Firstly, look from the program, due to the completion of a large number of CNC program instructions need basic operation control, so the internal microcontroller system also need store large amounts of program files, cut out the program name in an automatic way. Pay particular attention to check the program name suffix and program format; secondly, check the program fragment by computer simulation software simulation, testing program statement of whether there are specific errors. If the problem statements written on logic simulation software, there will be automatically pointed out, modified for programming personnel in a timely manner, until the operation procedure is no problem.

The second look means workpiece coordinates. The screen will display the current coordinates of the machine tool and workpiece coordinate information and other details, in the inspection, should pay attention to the screen with the actual numerical control tip position, ensure the coordinate between the two values correspond to. Due to the influence of machine tool fixture, tool wear and so on, there will be some error in the workpiece coordinate. If the error exceeds the standard, it will affect the progress of the machine tool and cause the collision problem. Therefore, the problem can be effectively avoided by the comparison of workpiece coordinates.

The third look means the tip position. CNC machine tool processing, cutting operation is completed by the tool, so in the machine tool inspection, we should focus on the point of view. Tool tip in the use of a period of time, there will be wear and tear, without affecting the quality of the machine tool, the machine operator should regularly adjust the position of the tool to prevent the collision of the workpiece or chuck. In addition, it should also control the actual position of the tip and the screen display data, if there is a larger error between the two values, but also to stop the processing operations, such as after the withdrawal of the tool to stop, re-install and adjust.

2. Two must

Firstly we must single segment execution. CNC machine tools have single SBL executive function, start the function, each completed a single-chip control program will automatically terminate the processing operation needs of CNC operator manual start a program, in order to carry out the processing operation. The advantage of the single segment execution is to give the operator a full inspection time, including tool inspection, coordinate check and program check, which can avoid the collision. Although the single segment reduces the efficiency of NC machining, it can greatly improve the processing quality and avoid the collision problem.

Secondly we must low magnification.

By adjusting the adjusting knob of CNC machine tool feed speed, reduce the speed, can work in the tool tip position before observation and coordinate numerical display is consistent, if the two numerical range, can promptly shut down the equipment, in order to avoid collision problem. Especially in the processing of the workpiece hole, it is easy to feed or knife back error, not only affect the quality of the hole processing, resulting in serious deviation in the size of the workpiece hole, there will be a knife, knife collision problem. Therefore, the use of low magnification processing speed, can effectively avoid the above processing problems.

3.One stop

To be exact, the process should be suspended for many times. The operator can pause,  observe and compare the tip position and the display screen coordinates prepared enough, especially the chip winding to the workpiece or tool, can press the cycle stop button, use the time to solve the problems appeared in the CNC machine, prevent operation because of panic.

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