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CNC system is the machine "brain" Siemens VS Fanuc Which one is better?

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The numerical control system is the control center of the numerical control machine tool. Because of the technical development of CNC system is very strong, there are layers of technical barriers. So the good supplier of CNC system which could overcome various technical difficulties is so few, such as SIEMENS, Heidenhain, NUM, FANUC etc.

In domestic CNC machine tool industry as an example, the high-level CNC machine tools in China basically rely on imports, and these imported CNC machine configuration of CNC system, with SIEMENS and Fanuc accounted for the largest proportion. So we will compare SIEMENS and Fanuc system today.

SIEMENS system

SIEMENS system is from the Industrial power - Germany, SIEMENS is the world's leading electronics and electrical engineering enterprises, but also has a history of more than 100 years. Due to the strong technical accumulation, SIEMENS research and development of numerical control system is relatively complete, CNC lathes, CNC grinding machines and CNC machining centers, all have the corresponding special CNC system. At present, there are mainly SINUMERIK810, 820, so the SINUMERIK 840D numerical control system is the most advanced numerical control system in our country.

The CNC system of SIEMENS has done well all the time, modular structure design in the SIEMENS system has a variety of standard hardware, and configuration software, so it has a variety of technology type to meet the needs of the various types of machine tools and a series of products. With the development of microelectronics technology, more and more large-scale integrated circuit (LSI), surface mount device (SMC) and the application of advanced processing technology, so the new system structure is more compact, more powerful. SIMATICS series programmable controller or integrated programmable controller, with SYEP programming language, has a wealth of man-machine dialogue function, with a variety of language display.

 FANUC system

 FANUC system is the CNC system developed by Fanuc Ltd. Fanuc Ltd is one of the most powerful enterprise with CNC system of scientific research, design, manufacturing and sales.

FANUC System has the most complete product specifications and the series, the lathe system, grinding machine, milling machine and machining center system are all covered. The biggest advantage of FANUC system is durable, the industrial environment requirements are lower than SIEMENS, but more open than SIEMENS.

The above is the introduction about SIEMENS and FANUC system comparison. In short, SIEMENS system is mostly used for high-end CNC machine tools as its powerful function and open characteristic. While FANUC system is mostly used in middle level CNC machine tools as for its stability and continuity

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